Visualise yourself being aligned to a vibration of peace and harmony.

In your personalised and transformative Sound Healing session you will experience:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Less Stress

  • Improved mental clarity

  • Soothed Nervous System

  • Increase Inner peace

  • Lighter and calmer than before


Your private session:



An important aspect of your session will focus on an intention you hold in your mind.  You might like to give some thought to this prior to your visit. You might have a specific intention or be looking for optimum wellness and greater harmony in your body, mind and spirit. Your intention creates and directs the energy for your session.


As we move into your personalised session, instruments will be placed on and around your body. This is where the magic begins. Instruments are used to create gentle and restorative sounds that will gently resonate and vibrate throughout your body. People report that they instantly feel calmer as they immerse themselves into the tranquil and soothing vibrations of the Tibetan bowls, the Medicine Drum, chimes along with all other instruments.


Voice may also be used in conjunction with the instruments to build the energy of resonance and vibration. This will gradually flow to the inner terrain of your body and mind.Even the simple HUM can have powerful vibratory effects on your body.

restore and heal

As your mind and body relax, the natural intelligence of your body will direct the sound vibration to where it is needed most. It will restore your body’s natural ability to heal through sound. These audible sound vibrations can reduce symptoms, invoke relaxation, alleviate stress and restore greater sense well-being in your body and mind.


"To enable this restoration, sounds opposite polarity – silence, is used. We honour the power of silence after each sound experience. Silence allows the sound to penetrate down into the physical body, making shifts and changes on molecular levels, affecting our cells, our DNA – everything that is physical. Silence also enables the frequency shifts in our subtle body – creating space for the sound to permeate our chakras, our auras and all our subtle bodies."   ~ Jonathan Goldman


You will leave feeling calm, refreshed and peaceful as your body aligns to its natural rhythm. Imagine your body as an orchestra and each internal instrument is aligned and in perfect harmony with its team. You are the conductor.

I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced a Sound Healing from Anne-Marie. For me it felt like a sacred time where I had some emotional release. I could feel the vibrations of the different sounds moving through my body and felt very calm & peaceful afterwards. If anyone is intrigued by this or if you’re wondering if you should do it, I’d say just go for it, you’ll love the experience!
— ‎Ali Duigan‎

Group Sound Baths                              NEXT SESSION:  30th March 2019

In a group environment, immerse yourself in a field of magical sounds. Instruments used for healing in ancient times are now being remembered in our new age of living.

From bells, chimes and gongs from Tibet to the Native American Medicine drum and rattle, you will be transported to a state of deep relaxation, opening up pathways to discover your own personal wisdom. Sound will align your body, allowing you to feel a new and rejuvenated rhythm for life. It reminds our body about its natural state of wellness.

Group Sound Baths for the community are held regularly in the Riverland.  Bookings are available outside the Riverland region and for private groups.  

"Sound will be the medicine of the future"

Edgar Cayce